In Jacksonville's small, up-and-coming Five Points district, a midnight baker goes to work. The sweet smell of sugar and taste of espresso awaken Calli Marie, as she attempts to rub her eyes without smearing flour into her always sleepy lashes. 

What began as a hobby at only fifteen years old, exploded into a full-blown profession by the time she was of legal age. Classically trained at the Art Institute, Calli gained a wealth of knowledge, networking, and experience. Combined with a deep-rooted passion for making all things "refined, artistic, scrumptious," she happily joined up with BREW, where she now serves as the food program manager.

In addition to her custom cakes that truly treat all of the senses, Calli's current projects consist of contributing to the 2016 Chef's Canvas, as well as writing her own cookbook (due out November 1).

When she's not baking tasty masterpieces, Calli can be found in her bathtub, most likely dreaming of a vanilla creme brûlée a la Michael Bump, topped with a healthy scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

You just never know what happens when you say yes to something that sounds crazy.
— Calli Marie