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Q: How long does it take to receive a response from my order form submission?

A: It takes between 1-3 business days to process your order.

Q: where do i pick up my order?

a: all of your cakes are baked at Brew five points and all pick ups are there - 1024 park street, jacksonville, fl 32204

q: how do i pay for my cake?

A: you can pay cash, check, or card upon pick up at brew five points. if you would rather be invoiced ahead of time just let us know. 

Q: how much do your cakes cost?

A: Since every cake is custom and unique to order the prices can vary. just send in an order form and you will receive a quote as soon as your order is processed. 

q: Are you able to make gluten free or vegan cakes?

A: We are currently not able to ACCOMMODATE those orders but we highly suggest our friends at sweet theory baking co. to meet those needs.

Q: Do you have wedding tastings?

a: yes of course! just fill out an order form and select (wedding) and we will schedule a tasting with you when we process your order. 


Q: how do i transport my cake after i pick it up?

A: We recommend that cakes go flat on the floor of your car. I personally use the PASSENGER side floorboard. Our cakes are placed in a sturdy box and prepared for travel before they leave our shop. it might slide around but it will be ok! You just want to avoid having the cake on an uneven or tilted surface. Please note that once the cakes have left brew five points, we cannot take any RESPONSIBILITY for damage in relation to how it has been travelled.

Q: should i send you photos for inspiration for my cake?

a: Yes, please! once we process you order we will ask if you have any photos you would like to send for reference. if you want specific colored flowers or drips / decor then you can send that along with that as well.