So, as you now know, our beloved Calli is writing a cookbook. That's right. A gathering of delectable recipes for you to grace your oven with… But there's a catch. This book, it cost money to make. Like dolla-dolla bills. 

What better way to figure out how to make some of that money than to have a big ol' birthday party?!?! And that's exactly what we're goina do, friends. Get your party hats ready because Calli is turning 24, and on March 25th the following magic is going to happen in order to make our girl's dreams come true. Check the deets! / Nicole

We’re celebrating the crowdfunding campaign launch for Calli Marie BAKES at Intuition Ale Works on Friday, March 25th with a super-duper party complete with a DJ, food truck, and of course… BEER! Treats? Of course, there will be treats, it’s a cookbook launch! We’ll have samples of four different recipes from the cookbook for you to nosh on.

The party is free to attend but you MUST register through Eventbrite (link here). Remember, we’re trying to raise some money to do the dang thing and we need all the help we can get. Donations can be made through Eventbrite, or even better, you can contribute to the Kickstarter campaign at the party to pre-order the book itself and score other cool rewards.