Pinch me (no, not me, her. pinch her!)

BAKES WEEK ONE. Man, writing a book is hard. The whole team and I have been rolling with the punches and learning as we go. We finally had our first photoshoot and all of this has become tangible for me. I am nervous, excited, and in awe. My life has been a whirlwind of cake and photoshoots and Nicole has been at the receiving end of all of my frustration. She explains my life better than me so, here we go. -  C

Occasionally I'll get a text message from Calli noting how exhausted she is. Don't get me wrong, she's happy-exhausted, even delirious at times. My all-time favorite is this… 

"I'm a shell of a human."

When I hear that from Calli, I know she's tapped. We've all been there, right? Depleted from whatever 18-wheeler life has run over us with. What's different about Calli though (and as a mother to 3 kiddos, I feel I can say this), is she allows herself moments to feel like "a shell of a human" and then she puts on her big girl panties and marches on. Me? I am more in the "I can't even" camp, but this isn't about me. 

I digress… Last week, Calli's text messages ranged from the above mentioned to complete and total elation. She had a photo shoot for her cookbook. And it was awesome and smart and fun and beautiful.

While she experienced raw and honest moments consisting of "oh, this is why not everyone writes a book,"  she also took time to breathe in the fact that she got to do the damn thing in her house slippers… with her dear friends… in her house! 

How frickin-frackin great is that!?! 

Calli made pie dough for 3+ hours while being photographed in her quaint Florida bungalow, and couldn't stop giggling simply from the joy of it all. I later texted her that evening that she was my Penny Lane, and reminded her that in deed, "it's all happening."

She is super excited to introduce you to her friends, her team, her posse of people in the coming weeks and months. This cookbook is very much a labor of love for Calli, and like most enormous and worthwhile projects, it takes a village.