Not unlike a virgin

BLOGGING FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME. I hate blogging, can I just say that? Thankfully I have people like my dear friend and bad ass writer, Nicole. She has taken my website, this blog, and my life and reorganized it all. I am slowly starting to get back into this online world of journaling and am so excited to share this space with all of you! You will hear from Nicole, most of the time, as she joins me in this crazy adventure of book writing (yeah I said BOOK WRITING) more on that later, baking, coffee shop running, and eating. I have a cake to get back to but cheers to the beginning, friends.  

I'm creeping on Calli up at Brew, as she creates yet another tasty dish. In fact, I think some of the folks who frequent here, come to see Calli create and move through this teensy pocket-sized coffee/beer house. It's shotgun style. You walk through the glass door and it's a straight path back to Calli's comfort zone. Nice long bar on the right, similarly lengthy community-style tables to the left. Kitchen in the back; and that's where you'll find our girl, most of the time.

She's magnetic; moving throughout the itty bitty quarters with ease and confidence, slightly neurotic, messy at times, but always confident.

"86 those chorizo tacos," she says. Another brunch special has sold out completely. It's not even 1 pm. 

"If she just made stuff that wasn't so damn tasty," I overhear a patron say with a hearty chuckle. And he's absolutely right.

That's how scrumptious her food is, and how incredible of a human she is. Elegant and chaotic. Beaming and exhausted. Mid-conversation with me and then hearing the overflow of the cold brew distilling in the back. 

"Oh shit! We're spilling over. Does someone hear that?" Momentary trauma taken care of in just a few blinks of an eye.

I suppose that's how Calli has to live her life right now. Moment by moment. Maybe even day by day, though I feel like that is even too much right now. She is amongst chaos yet gracefully moving through life with a toothy grin, in total amazement for what has become of her life. 

Stay tuned! There is so much good stuff cookin' with Miss Calli Marie. If you're here from Instagram, welcome! Her following over there is nothing short of amazing. Super cool people, keeping her encouraged and passionate. Thank you! Thank you! I know, firsthand, just how much she appreciates all of it as she continues taking baby steps out of her comfort zone and creating beauty all over the damn place. / Nicole